To build globally competitive business administration and marketing academics that can

Favourably compare with other scholars in similar field across the globe.


To broaden the scholastic capacity of students in the discipline thereby enhancing their capacity to undertake rigorous and quality research and also to be able to apply theoretical understanding to practical management issues with a view to solving them which is anchored on the harmonious development of the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual potentials of students; and inculcating in men and women a nobility of character and stability of purpose in our society


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The department of Business and Marketing is one of the pioneer departments established at the inception of the University in 1999. It started with a crop of 34 students offering courses in a variety of subjects that are designed to provide them with a holistic education within a framework of intellectual, moral, and ethical guidelines coupled with sound integration of faith and learning. These courses are essentially tailored towards the provision of the graduate with a variety of professional skills that are predominantly required for management and leadership roles in the business and commerce industry.

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ADEFULU Adesoga (Prof)

Head of Department


Dr Sarah Doe

Vice Chair

Mr John

Departmental Secretary

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