Meet the RIIC Team

Seasoned and Experienced in Research

Professor Grace Tayo

Professor Serves as the Director of Research Innovation and International Cooperation, She is also a Professor of Animal Science

Dr Chinedu Anokwuru

Dr Chinedu Anokwuru Serves as the Deputy Director for RIIC, he is a Lecturer and a researcher in Biological Sciences

Dr Ayodele Kolawole

Dr Ayodele Kolawole is a principal researcher in the RIIC Office, he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education

Mary. M Obadimeji

Mary Obadimeji is a Researcher and Grant Writer in the RIIC Office. She holds an MPH in Epidemiology from the department of public health Babcock University.

Mrs Tutu Habib

Mrs Tutu Habib is a Grant Writer in the RIIC Office. Her interests in research is rooted in her passion for creating sustainable solutions for social impact. As a grant writer, she works with other researchers to achieve this goal by securing funding from local and international funding agencies for various projects.