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From Babcock Business School (BBS) - Centre for Executive Development (CED), let me congratulate you for taking the first step towards joining the Babcock family. Before you, lies a whole world of opportunities and this web site has been designed to provide you with necessary information to enable you make informed decision about becoming a member of Babcock Business School.

Babcock University is a unique institution with rare vision.  It is greatly ranked among its peers in Nigeria and the world over. Babcock Business School through the Centre for Executive Development offers a world class business management education that will provide you with the skills, knowledge, experience and competence needed to handle the challenges of the 21st century business environments.

In a world of countless alternatives, it takes discipline to make a choice to attend a graduate programme in any school. At BBS, we are glad to announce that, we have the best and the brightest faculty members and this is evident in the manner through which knowledge is being imparted and results from our industry-based researches.  The collegial atmosphere at Babcock University creates the enabling learning environment for real time teaching, learning and research to take place.

As a faith-based institution, our focus is on offering a holistic education on business management based on Christian values with the aim of improving the professional and ethical standards of business practice in the developing world. The centre runs a curriculum that is aimed at exposing students to core management principles in an emerging market. Our world view is to acquaint students with electives meant to offer learning experiences that will suit their personal interests and career goals. Lectures hold only on weekends; except otherwise stated.

Having understood the unique nature of the contemporary work environment, we have course contents that are patterned according to Judge and Harvard Business School’s case-study method of interaction, while drawing special case studies from within Nigeria. To give our students competitive edge, our Executive Masters students spend three months on internship programme to integrate theoretical concepts with industry-based practices in any company that meets the university stipulated standard. There are overseas educational trips to expose participants on international best management practices.

Wow! Once again, welcome to a family where you will be nurtured to excel in your management career and business engagements.  At Babcock Centre for Executive Development, we say welcome in so many ways!

Welcome once again into a family where you will be nurtured to excel in your management career and business engagements.  At BCED,we say welcome in so many ways!

 Prof. Egwakhe Johnson
Director, Babcock Centre for Executive Development.

HND Conversion Program

The Babcock Centre for Executive Development now offers the following courses for the Higher National Diploma (HND) Conversion Program

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Banking and Finance
  • Computer Science
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
  • Mass Communication

The following are information about the program

  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Tution: ₦ 250,000 (Per Session)
  • Application form: ₦ 2,350 (Online)
  • Admission Requirement: HND, SSCE Result, 6 Credits, NYSC Certificate
  • Date of Resumption:) 26/10/2018 (Tentative

Note: Interested Applications may visit http://application2.babcock.edu.ng to start their application.