Program Description Details


1.     To produce students with the skills and insights needed to engage with and interpret a wide variety of texts, including film and other media.

2.     To introduce students to the rich diversity of literature written in English, both locally and globally.

3.     To develop an awareness of, and sensitivity to, the English Language and its uses

4.     To promote discussion and debate, stimulate intellectual curiosity and open up areas for further enquiry and research

5.     To be accessible to students from all linguistics, educational and cultural backgrounds

6.     To equip students to participate as critical and articulate citizens and agents in contemporary society

7.     To develop the teaching methods and research output of staff

8.     To foster an understanding of our history and culture and our contemporary reality as an African society in transformation

9.     To assist in transforming the institution in which we teach

10.  To help students to appreciate the Bible as an outstanding piece of literary work.

Admission Requirements


English Students admitted to the Department of Languages & Literary Studies for the B. A. degree program in English must have satisfied the Babcock University admission requirements.  In addition, they must have:

i.     5 Senior Secondary School Level credits including English Language and             Literature in English (for the four years’ program) or its equivalent; OR

ii.       3 “A” Level GCE passes including one in Literature and SSCE Level credit pass in English Language (for the three-year program).

iii.       Such student in (i) above should have passed the Babcock University Entrance Examination or JAMB in four subject areas including English Language, Literature in English, any one of Christian Religious Knowledge, History and Government and any other subject.