The Origin of Babcock Entrepreneurship Center

The origin of the Babcock Entrepreneurship Centre

The entrepreneurship centre at Babcock University was pioneered by the department of Business Administration and Marketing as an arm of the department to cater for skill acquisitions as well as essential practicals for the course “Entrepreneurship (GEDS 400) hosted by the department. The centre has since inception provided a platform for students to identify and get exposed to a skill of their choice ranging from catering & events management, soap & allied products, creative photography, online/digital marketing, garment/fashion design, hair styling & weaving, film & TV production, and beads making/fascinator. The department of Business Administration and Marketing managed the centre since inception till January 2022 when the BU administration in the bid to making Babcock University an entrepreneurial university expanded the scope to a university program. A director was thus appointed by the university outside the department of Business Administration to achieve this aim.

Navigating Our Journey

At BEDC, our journey from inception to our current position exemplifies our steadfast dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial success.


Mrs Olubukunola Obafemi
Deputy Director, BEDC
Mrs Yetunde Olayinka
Secretary, BEDC
Mr Samuel Ayanlowo
Accountant, BEDC


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The Centre, currently based in a wing of the BU old staff school, is dedicated to optimizing the available space for practical skill acquisition. This is essential for our final-year students enrolled in entrepreneurship as part of the GEDS course. As we progress towards our strategic goals, we are continuously exploring opportunities for enhancement in our infrastructure.

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We specialize in teaching a diverse range of skills, from the art of catering and the wonder of photography to the craft of shoemaking, soap making, fashion design, vibrant tie and dye techniques, and the dynamic world of digital marketing. Join us in exploring your passions and unlocking your creative journey.

Where we are

While we recognize that Rome was not built in a day, we understand that the path to becoming an entrepreneurial university takes time. However, our unwavering commitment to this vision is evident from the outset. We are prepared to embark on this journey, aligning with key aspects of the OECD framework and fully embracing the NUC's guidelines.


BEDC is a place where ideas soar and entrepreneurs thrive. It is a place where creativity meets opportunity.
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