Candidates for admission into Post-Graduate Diploma shall:

  • Have an undergraduate degree in any discipline other than Mass Communication; an HND in Mass Communication; an HND in a non-mass communication field or any other discipline or any appropriate qualification from Babcock University or any other university/polytechnic recognized by the senate of Babcock University.
  • Have obtained the equivalent of a minimum of 3.0 CGPA in the degree or HND
  • Have satisfied the Department in a selection process.
  • Have satisfied other admission requirements of the College of Postgraduate Studies.

To obtain a Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication, a student must:

  • Pass a minimum of 24 units made up of 20 compulsory units and 4 elective units
  • Make a CGPA of not less than 3.0 (on a 5.0 scale) in order to progress to the M.Sc. programme.
  • Submit a supervised professional or research project weighted 4 units
  • Satisfy all other requirements, including the prescribed period of study.