Arc. Mykell Jegede (MNIA)
Director, Physical Planning Department.

About Us
The provision and maintenance of adequate and standard infrastructural support is crucial to the University’s vision of achieving excellence in teaching, learning, and research.
The Physical Planning department is saddled with the responsibility of proper campus planning, coordination of all construction activities, cooperating with relevant units in maintaining BU physical assets, harnessing external donations for infrastructural development, installation of new items of equipment and upgrading current facilities to meet the 21st century teaching and learning methods.

A beautiful campus for a remarkable experience

Our Mission
To create and maintain a beautiful environment that supports innovation, enriched academic experience, environmental health, and operational effectiveness.

Our Goals
Provision of satisfactory infrastructure in a friendly environmentally sustainable campus.

Create an inventory of adaptable and flexible space that can accommodate new administrative, learning, and teaching styles.

Create more awareness, improve visibility of our brand and give the university an easily recognizable positive corporate identity.

Promote effective stewardship of the built and natural environment in Babcock through the enhancement and preservation of our aesthetic assets.

Strict adherence to the University Master Plan and timely completion of projects.

Construction and maintenance of university road network.

Our Services
Designs and Constructions of new infrastructures

Retrofitting our academic buildings and halls of residence and better utilization of space

Upgrading old building systems to achieve efficiencies and user comfort

Our Team

Director                                                         JEGEDE, Mykell (MNIA)

Deputy Director                                              OMOTOSHO, Oluwaseun B. (MNSE, R.ENG)      

Asst. Chief Quantity Surveyor                          FALADE, John

Prin. Electrical Engineer                                 OMOTOSHO, Ebenezer A. (MNSE, R.ENG)

Prin. Civil Engineer                                         BELLO, Olabisi D. (MNSE, R.ENG)

Snr. Architect                                                  AIYEGBUSI, Oluwaseun

Snr. Architect                                                  OSUNDINA, Adegbenro

Snr. Mechanical Engineer                              ADEBAYO, Shade O. (MNSE, R.ENG)

Quantity Surveyor                                           IBITOYE, Olayinka

Civil Engineer                                                  OBEBE, Monisola (MNSE, R.ENG)

Civil Engineer                                                  ADELEKE, Bamisaye (MNSE, R.ENG)

 For more information, please contact

The Director,
Arc. Jegede, Mykell
Tel: +2348063395232

The Deputy Director,
Engr. Omotosho, Oluwaseun
Tel: +2348033300923


Office of Physical Planning
Presidency Division
Babcock University.
Ilishan Remo. Ogun State.