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Dr. Mrs. Abiola Makinde
Director, Human Resources


About Us
The Office of Human Resources is dedicated in providing services, information, and support to all employees to achieve both personal and organizational goals. The areas include employee benefits, compensation, recruitment and selection, employee relations, performance management and career development. BU HR has therefore consistently managed their employer brand to bring value to their employees which has led to increase commitment, loyalty and retention.
HR also coordinates Student Work-Study Programme, which provides vocational and practical training to instil in the minds of students the concept of dignity of labour, and to create opportunity for students to earn some income.
To provide innovative solutions in areas of personnel, consultation on employment benefits, compensation and employee training and development.
Mission Statement
HR is to advance the overall mission of the university by attracting, retaining and supporting valuable employees. This will be achieved by employing and developing the right people, experts in their field who are ready to integrate their professional skills with Christian principle under a conducive environment.
HR handles the overall responsibility of the university recruitment, retaining the most qualified candidate(s) and help employees excel in career advancement.
Core Values
Integrity – Uncompromising, open and honest in doing the right things at all times and in all circumstances.
Humility – Courteously respectful of others in words and action.
Communication – Conveying information through the exchange of thought and messages.
Team spirit
= Trying your best
E = Encouraging others
A = Achieving set goals
M = Managing by mentoring
S = Supporting others
P = Participating in group assignments
I = Impossible becomes possible
R = Respecting all team members
I = Investing in the team
T = Together we succeed

Competence – Ability to do a job properly, successfully and efficiently.
Professional Development – Acquisition of skills and knowledge for personal and career advancement.
Objectivity – Uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices.
Fairness – Judgment free from discrimination.
Commitment – Loyalty towards established line of conduct.



Email Address

HR General Administration, Administrative Meetings,Employment & Employee Relations, etc

 MAKINDE, Abiola O.

Assistant Director, 

 UMUKORO, Jones O.

Assistant Director,
OIE Matters; Contract & Sabbatical; Biometric Terminals

 OLAJIDE, Emmanuel S.

Assistant Director,
Educational Sponsorship & Service Bond


Assistant Director,
HR Statistics and Service Records


Principal Administrative Officer, 
Payroll Clearance; Regular Staff Payroll; Medical & Educational Allowance

ARIGBEDE, Oluwakemi O.

Principal Administrative Officer,


Principal Administrative Officer,
HR Secretariat


Senior Administrative Officer,


Senior Administrative Officer,
Employee Training, Development & Evaluation; Biometrics Issues; Conference/Workshop data


Student Work-Study Coordinator,
& Non-Regular Staff Payroll

 BABALOLA, Oluwaseun I.

Employee Relation Coordinator,
Employee Disciplinary Committee; Employment & Confirmation Matters


New employee orientation, employee development, career planning and evaluation

Employee Training, Educational Development and Evaluation Unit is positioned for strategic alignment and supports all policies and functions fundamental to the overall growth of BU. The Unit defines and assesses individual and organizational learning needs and develops and implements plans designed to address those needs. It promotes and monitors formal instructions, learning opportunities and professional development aimed at addressing the identified training needs for improving employee performance and attainment of BU goals. It also administers, collates and analyses employee performance evaluation reports annually, quarterly and mothnly.
Through this unit, Human Resources has built a formidable work force made up of people qualified to function in specific roles and positions that are consistent with the organizational structure and mission, standards of performance, continuously providing them with the right support for accountability.

Welfare and salaries management

At Babcock University, we regard our employees as our core asset in achieving set goals and objectives. To sustain our position in the forefront of excellent academic standard, Babcock University is committed to attracting and retaining the top-knots and top quality faculty and staff within and outside the country. As a strategic response to this goal, Babcock University has designed a highly competitive employee reward system as compared to our peer institutions within and outside the country. We believe in equity reward and this is reflective in our reward packages of equal pay for equal job.

We reward performance and this is reflective in our reward structure of promotion procedure. We seek to provide benefits for employees to serve a variety of need. We take into consideration individual needs in our reward system.

We provide payroll service to the University. We work as a team to provide an accurate and efficient service working to strict deadlines and to ensure that employees are accurately rewarded. We operate an open environment for easy access to employees for their enquiries and to welcome requests for advice. We work hand-in-hand with the bursary payroll unit to achieve this set objective. Some of the activities we engage in are listed below:

  1. Provide monthly payroll service
  2. Deal with queries on employee benefit and pay
  3. Liaise with all employees in connection with payment issues

The University’s wide array of benefits include:

  1. Retirement plan
  2. Annual leave
  3. Annual increment
  4. Allowances
    1. Acting allowance
    2. Book and Equipment allowance
    3. Per Diem
    4. Consultancy allowance
    5. Annual bonus for efficient Driving
    6. Holiday allowance
    7. Childcare allowance
    8. Overtime allowance
    9. Moving allowance
    10. Contract Allowance
    11. Pension Scheme
    12. Sick leave
    13. Prolong sickness
    14. Medical treatment
    15. Family Health Leave
    16. Sponsorship plan
    17. Marriage Leave
    18. Maternity leave
    19. Paternity leave
    20. Periodic Health Evaluation
    21. Accident at the workplace
    22. Examination leave
    23. Research leave
    24. Sabbatical Leave
    25. Study leave
    26. Corporate Gift on Special occasions
    27. Promotion
    28. Rent allowance

Recruitment and selection, performance management, employee recognition

Employment & Employee Relations Unit targets the best brain in Research and Administrative matters (within the resources available) aimed at meeting the changing organizational requirements. It promotes supportive working environment and creates opportunities for development in different spheres in order to enhance workforce towards achieving high levels of competency and competitiveness to meet the global standard.

Mission Statement

To employ, develop, manage and retain employees who will model and embrace work efficacy within and outside the university and be professionally competent to achieve the mission and vision of the University.

Recruitment requests are made by relevant HODs, forwarded to the Human Resources Committee (HRC) for verification and approval. Advertisements are subsequently placed for such positions. In collaboration with the requesting HODs, candidates are shortlisted for interview and names of selected candidates are forwarded to the HRC for ratification while final approval for employment is given by BU Administrative Commtee. On employment, new employees are taken through an orientation to integrate them into the system.

Applications and detailed Curriculum Vitae including copies of Credentials (3) should be addressed to: The Director, Human Resources, Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State; or online:

  • Employment Application Form for Faculty
  • Employment Application Form for Staff
Forms to be completed by successful Candidates
  • Assumption of Duty Form
  • Staff Audit Form
  • Conflict of Interest Form
  • Employee Medical Examination Form
  • ID Card Request Form

Employment Policies and Procedures The University recruits only persons that meet the basic minimum qualification as defined for a job position.

BU employment is under the following categories.

1. Calls
2. Career Employment

  • Regular U (University)
  • Regular D (Denominational)
  • Contract Employment
  • Fixed Sum
  • Fixed Term
  • Spouse Employment
  • Sabbatical Employment
  • Graduate Assistant
  • NYSC
  • IT

Personnel files, confidential records

Personnel and Records unit is the laboratory of HR Department as it uses information from employee, background, experiences, history, accomplishments, goals, feedback, disciplinary action (if any), recognition, and promotions, to name just a few personnel records, in documentation.

Core to the success of BU Administration is the effectiveness and the efficiency of Human Resources. Providing administrative support to the teaming members of Babcock University is of utmost importance to achieving our corporate goal. At BU, we are committed to maintaining high level of quality assurance. This will be achieved through constant evaluation of course outlines and course approval procedure.; developing relationships with library staff and the academic departments to explore new hardware and software tools for teaching and learning, and advocate needs to impact faculty members on the use of these new technologies.

Motto: Dignity in Labour

Mission Statement: The Work-Study Unit provides vocational and practical training to instill in the mind of Students the concepts of dignity of labour and to create opportunity for students to earn some income.

Objectivies: The main objective of establishing the work-study aside from helping alleviate financial burdens is to enable the students undergraduate, graduate and post graduate to have balanced education as in the philosophy of Adventist education world-wide, and to work as they learn so that they would be able to integrate with the changing society after studies.

Babcock University operates a work-Study programme which provides students with limited employment aimed at reducing their financial burdens. A substantial part of the University budgetary finances is channeled towards facilitating the programme.

Full time students (Resident and Community) are eligible to enroll under the programme. This does not include their spouses. A maximum of 20 hours per week is allowed for registered students while a maximum of 40 hours per week is allowed for non-registered students and during holidays. The work-study programme is reviewed every Academic session to promote efficiency and provide employment opportunities to other students wishing to enroll into the program. A student is allowed to work in one department only. Students who engage themselves in two departments stand the risk of forfeiting the two jobs and will also not go unpunished.

I. Students whose performance evaluation grades fall below average are advised to stop working. Students with low GPA are not permitted to work for more than 10hours per week.
II. Labour sheet are submitted to work-study supervisor in Human Resources Department on the last working day of the month or the next working day if the month ends in the weekend.
III. Students are advised to fill their work-study application form before leaving for the summer holidays in order to be considered for the programme in the next school year. New students are to pick and fill their forms at the Human Resources Department at the beginning of the school session for job placement.

  • HERITAGE AWARD: Heritage award is linked to actual work earned by each participant.

I. The Administration funds the award as a matching grant. Those who must get the best from the scheme should put in maximum hours ahead.
II. The amount realized from the two semesters will be calculated based on the following formula: X+2X = 3X; where
a. X is the Total Amount earned by each student on Work-Study during the 1st & 2nd semesters.
b. 2X is double the total amount earned by each student in (a) as a matching grant from Babcock University. This is what makes up the Heritage Award where 2x ≤ N40,000.00 per semester. 3X is the Total amount received by the student.

ELIGIBILITY: to be eligible, you must be a registered and current student of the University.

Work-Study opportunities are in the following area;

  1. Catering and Food Services
  2. Babcock Ventures
  3. Grounds
  4. Custodial
  5. Residential Halls
  6. Horticulture
  7. Chaplaincy
  8. Office Assistant
  9. Farm
  10. Facilities Management
  11. Chapel Seminar
  12. Research Assistant

Student Work-Study Application Form

For more information regarding Student Work-Study, contact Human Resources Department.


  1. Developing the right skills and competencies
  2. Preparing employees for present and future business needs
  3. Fostering continuous learning
  4. Reducing cost impact and time away from job
  5. Determining future workforce needs
  6. Leveraging existing talents and critical knowledge
  7. Creating a pool of internal candidates ready to fill future positions


For more information, please contact:
Telephone: +234 803 975 8690