Exam and Senate Unit


Jobs Done in The Unit Are As Follows:

  1. Processing, Verification and Printing of Transcripts and Certificates.
  2. Verification of Letter of Completion and forms for Embassy.
  3. Blocking and unblocking of student’ page against registration e.g school fees difficulties, low C.GPA, SPEAM issues.
  4. Assisting students with incorrect password, students’ withdrawal online and other registration issues.
  5. Supervising, monitoring and provision of other logistics for all University exams.
  6. Result and course upload.
  7. Assisting lecturers with passwords and other problems of academic nature.
  8. Issuing Statement of Result/ To Whom It May Concern to students.
  9. Ensuring strict adherence to rules and regulations governing all examinations as spelt out in the University examination handbook.
  10. Serves as linkage between colleges, departments, units, committees and students on matters involving information on records.
  11. Evaluating high school and transfer credits in counsel with the Chairs of Departments.
  12. Preparing and maintaining academic check-sheets of students.

The Exams & Senate unit of the Registry, issues transcripts of the students’ academic record on written and signed request by the student or BU Alumni. However, no transcript is issued until all financial obligations to the university are met. The first transcript is free and it’s for the graduates. It is given directly to the student and stamped “STUDENT COPY”. Subsequent transcripts are however paid for.


Students can check their semester results online by using their username and password with the guideline given below. Parents can also check their wards’ results online by following the same guideline, using the matriculation number and password of their wards.


  • Once you start up your internet browser, kindly type umis.babcock.edu.ng at the address bar and press the Enter Key


  • It takes you to the home page of the school’s portal. Kindly click on the menu ‘Students’


  • Once you login successfully the page below is what you’ll see which contains the personal details of the student. Click on ‘Semester Result’

  • The Semester Result contains the summary of the results. Which contains the semesters, Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Click on the arrow button (under 'Go') to see the details of the semester


  • Figure of how the details of each semester will look like is shown below



    Students who intend to withdraw from the university must obtain withdrawal forms from the Exams & Senate unit of the Registry. This form must be filled and signed by all the officers listed on the form and copies of the duly signed forms are submitted to the various offices. Withdrawal can be one semester or complete withdrawal from the university.


    Students who intend to change their course may do so by obtaining a CHANGE OF COURSE FORM from the Exams & Senate unit. The form must be filled and approved by all necessary Officers. Photocopies of the duly signed form must be submitted to the various offices that signed.


    Two separate examinations are coordinated by the Exams & Senate unit. The semester examinations and the Post UTME examinations. The unit is responsible for providing answer scripts used for all examinations and monitoring of the exams. Any student involved in examination misconduct will be made to face Senate Panel on Examination and Academic Misconduct (SPEAM). This is a committee set up to deal with all academic misconduct in the university. Any student found liable in any offence is punished according to the weight of the offence.


    Students having Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) below 2.00 at the end of a semester are placed on academic probation. They will be given letter of warning informing them of their status. If the student’s CGPA still falls below 2.00 after the second semester, the student faces suspension from the program or the university. The names of such students are then forwarded to the counseling unit for counseling or enrollment in the Babcock University Academic Empowerment Program (BUAEP), which helps in the academic reconstruction of students.


  • Chilaka, Uzoma;
    Tel: (234)802-371-4632
  • OLADIPO, Sunday 
    Senior Administrative Officer
  • NWANERI, Emmanuel I
    Senior Administrative Officer
  • NWANKWO, Joy O. 
    Assistant Registrar
  • OSUNDINA, Bolanle O. 
    Senior Administrative Officer
  • AFOLABI, Oluwafemi O. 
    Senior Administrative Officer

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