To obtain the M.Sc in Nursing degree, a candidate must take and pass a minimum of 47 units of courses made up of the following:

General Education Requirements                 2 units

Core Courses                                                         18 units

Specialization courses                                      11 units

Practicum                                                                4 units   

Electives                                                                  6 units

Dissertation                                                           6 units

  Total                                                             47 Units   

In addition to specified core courses, candidates are required to offer courses which are relevant to their specialization. Each student’s plan of study must be approved by the Head of Department, the School and the Board of the College of Postgraduate Studies. Candidates must achieve at least 50% in each of the core courses and specialization courses. They will also conduct and successfully defend a Dissertation. Minimum number of years for graduation is 2 years. A minimum CGPA of 3.0 on a 5.00 point scale is required for graduation.