a)         Admission Requirements
(i)    Admission is open to candidates who hold Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology of Babcock University or other approved universities with at least a Second Class Lower division. Other bachelor’s degree holders with a minimum of a second class lower in related courses such as Biochemistry, Medical Laboratory Science, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Nutrition, Food Science and Biotechnology may apply, provided such candidates offered relevant courses in Microbiology and passed them at the undergraduate level.
(ii)  A candidate with Higher National Diploma may apply, provided such a
candidate took relevant courses in Microbiology and in addition, possesses a Postgraduate Diploma in relevant field.

  1. A candidate may be required to undergo a selection process, that is, a candidate without background in Microbiology may be required to remedy and audit some courses at the lower levels.
  2. Other details relating to admission requirements are as given in the General Regulations of the College of Postgraduate Studies.

b)         Graduation requirements
To obtain the M.Sc. in Microbiology, a candidate must take and pass a minimum of 46 units of courses made up as follows:


  1. 4 units of general education requirements
  2. 27 units of compulsory core courses at the 800 level
  3. 9 units of elective courses
  4. 6 units of Dissertation