a) Admission Requirements: Every candidate will be required to satisfy the regulation governing Postgraduate Studies at Babcock University. However, the following are specific: Candidates must have a minimum of Second Class Lower Division in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, Insurance, Actuary Science or other areas of business or management related course from Babcock University or from any other recognized University. Also, holders of Postgraduate Diploma in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, Insurance, Actuary Science from Babcock University or any other recognized University may apply.


b) Graduation Requirements: Before graduation, M.Sc. FINANCE candidates must pass a minimum of 43 units of coursework and defend a Dissertation (6 units) in a minimum of 3 semesters. Thus, a minimum of 49 credits (units) is required for the completion of the Program.

Programme Options

There is only one programme option for students enrolling in the program, namely; Dissertation cum Emphasis Option.


(i) Dissertation cum Emphasis (Specialized) Option (TEO):

The Dissertation cum specialized program option affords students a wider exposure to the subjects of finance. The student in this option will satisfactorily complete 49 credits in total. This includes 4 credits GEDS courses, 33 credits core courses requirement (with Dissertation writing), and 12 credits specialized elective courses. Candidates at the completion of the program would be versatile enough and would qualify as both academic and professional in his or her area of specialization. 


Condition for Course Offering

There must be at least five registered students for a course to be offered. In case this condition is not met at the end of each registration exercise, concerned students should consult with the Program Coordinator for possible re-alignment, rescheduling or transfer. Any course offered with less than five registered students may be withdrawn and may later be re-offered.


Transfer of Credits Policy

The policies of the College of Postgraduate Studies on transfer of credits from other universities, as published in her PG Academic Bulletin, will be strictly followed.


Program Duration (Tenure)

The Post-Graduate policy on Program tenure for Master Degrees stipulated minimum of three (3) semesters. Nevertheless, that is the minimum for every program as per the NUC requirement. Candidates on the M.Sc. in Finance Degree program are expected to spend between three (3) to five (5) semesters on the program depending on the option and the module of choice. The details per option and module are as follows:


Ø  Those on Regular Semester Module with Dissertation cum Emphasis Option (TEO) are to spend minimum of three (3) semesters and maximum of five (5) semesters.


Ø  Those on Elongated Semester Module with Dissertation cum Emphasis Option (TEO) are to spend minimum of Four (4) semesters and maximum of six (6) semesters.

The breakdown of the above analysis is shown in the table below:








Dissertation cum Emphasis Option (TEO)





Dissertation cum Emphasis Option (TEO)



Note, however that graduation is based on satisfactory completion of graduation requirements and not on how many semesters a student has spent on the program. If any student enrols in the program with an approved credit transfers, such candidate is expected to satisfy CPGS Policy on Program duration. Students are advised to refer to academic policy of their respective bulletin.