Admission Requirements:

Admission is open to holders of Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry of Babcock University or other approved universities with at least a second class lower. Candidates may be required to undergo a selection process, as approved by the College of Postgraduate Studies (CPGS).

Conditional Admission:

Conditional admission to M.Sc. program could be granted to an applicant, with a Bachelor’s degree in a related area.  Such candidates must pass courses from the BSc Biochemistry courses (number of units and duration to be determined by the Department in consultation with the CPGS) prior to being granted provisional or regular admission to the M.Sc. program. The coursework must attain the required level of proficiency (50%) in order to qualify the applicant for admission to the M.Sc. program.  No coursework may be taken which will be counted as part of the M.Sc. program while the student is under conditional admission.

Graduation requirements

a)   To obtain MSc in Biochemistry, a candidate must take and pass with a minimum score of 50% in all the courses of 47 units made up as follows:

2 units of general education course

33 units of core courses

6 units of electives

6 units of dissertation

This programme normally lasts for 3 semesters.