a)         Admission requirements
The programme is open to candidates in Microbiology or related fields from Babcock University and any other university approved by the University Senate with an average score of 50 to 54.99% or CGPA of 3.0 and above in their coursework are also eligible for admission.

  1. Candidates must satisfy all other conditions stipulated in the regulations of the department as well as the post-graduate school.


(b)        Curriculum for the Programme

Candidates for the M.Phil will be required to complete four semesters of coursework in areas related to the focus of their M.Phil. programme including dissertation.

Coursework for the M.Phil. shall amount to 29 credits, and the dissertation shall amount to 8 credits, for a total of 37 credits (minimum). The minimum CGPA for graduation shall be 4.0 on a 5-point scale.

M.Phil Dissertation     -          8 Units
Seminar                       -           3 Units
Core Courses              -           15 Units
General Courses         -           8 Units
Electives                     -           3 Units
Total                -           37 Units