Admission Requirements

A.    Admission  shall  be  made  by  School  of  Postgraduate  Studies  on  the recommendation  of  the  Department/School  Postgraduate  Committee. Recommendation for admission will be based on candidates’ performance in the screening exercise (written/oral) to be conducted by the department. Applicants are also expected to write a two-paged proposal on their career aspiration.


Admission to the Master degree programme is open to graduates of Babcock University and of other universities recognized by the University Senate. Candidates should have a minimum of:

a)    Second Class Lower Division in

i)      Information Resources Management

ii)     Any discipline outside Information Resources Management

b)    Three  years  of  work  experience  in  information  based  organizations  will  be added advantages to applicants in all cases

c)         Candidates  who  have  a  Second  Class  Lower  Division  from  any  discipline  who have  worked  in  industrial  or  commercial  organizations  (library  or  information section) for at least three years.


B.        Mode of Admission

i.          Regular Module

Admission  into the regular semester module can  be  offered  only  to  candidates  who  satisfy  the  College of Postgraduate  Studies  that  they  are either not  in  employment,  or have  been released by their employers to undertake full-time studies.

ii.         Elongated Semester Module

Candidates maybe admitted into the program in the Elongated Semester module if they satisfy the requirements of the College of Postgraduate Studies. In this option, the equivalent of a regular semester is spread over a period of six months


Duration of the Program

Regular: Minimum - three (3) semesters; Maximum – five (5) semesters

Elongated: Minimum - four (4) semesters; Maximum – six (6) semesters


Industrial Attachment

In all Master level courses, students will undertake a three month placement in any organization

of their choice including library/information service centres.

They are advised to choose places that would enhance their proposed area of specialization. The

placement  takes  place  between  the  end  of  second  semester  course  work  and  the  beginning of third semester. A satisfactory  grade  will  be  required  for  candidates  to  proceed  to  the  third semester.

Graduation Requirements

Candidates will be required to pass at least 53 units of course work. They will also conduct and successfully defend a dissertation valued at 6 units, for a total of 57 units as shown in the breakdown below.


General Courses                     4 units

Core Courses                        41 units

Elective Courses                    6 units

Dissertation                            6 units

Total                                     57 units

In all cases, candidates must achieve at least 60% in each of the core courses and achieve an aggregate mark of 70% overall to be able to proceed to PhD.