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Professor of Curriculum, Instruction, & English

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The Empowerment Department aims at regularly coordinating/organizing/conducting or exposing administrators, faculty, staff, and students to seminars, workshops, and conferences towards helping them to acquire knowledge and skills that would enhance their expertise and productivity in their areas of specialization. Babcock, being a developmental institution, expects all its members to experience continuous growth in their fields. Therefore, the aim of this department is to ensure this is done continuously.

The Institute for Faith in Learning is an arm of this department. Its goal is to ensure that faith is integrated into every aspect of the university life and service


  • Promote continuous training/retraining of staff and faculty towards excellence (2011-2020)


  1. Conduct annual faculty and staff orientation and colloquium
  2. Manage faculty and staff development and continuous education
  • Empowerment, capacity building, and training for faculty, staff, and students (2011 -2020)


  1. Provide workshops and seminars for staff and faculty for capacity building, in order to enhance effectiveness in their service delivery
  2. Work with other divisions of the university in the coordination and organization of workshops and seminars
  3. Work with the university pastor to monitor and enrich the quality of worship experience and the spirituality of faculty, staff, and students
  4. Ensure conducive learning environment that will enable students to acquire holistic education through their course work, mission-focused learning (volunteerism and community service), workshops, and seminars
  5. Ensure provisions are made for mentoring students in their academic, spiritual, physical, and social lives
  • Integrate faith in teaching, learning, and service (2011-2020)


  1. Conduct local, national, and international workshops, seminars, and conferences on the integration of faith in learning (2012-2020)
  2. Teach a minimum of one course on the integration of faith in learning at the undergraduate and graduate levels (2013 -2020)
  3. Ensure that faith is integrated into teaching, learning, and service at BU
  4. Conduct certification classes in IFL for BU faculty and staff every semester (2011-2020)
  5. Inaugurate the Institute for Faith and Learning at Babcock
  6. Inaugurate the Institute for Faith and Learning at National Level (2011)
  7. Instill the Seventh-day Adventist culture of integrating faith in learning and service

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Professor of Curriculum, Instruction, & English
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