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The ultimate purpose of the Research and International Cooperation is to internationalize Babcock University and make her a key player in the field of pure and applied research in local and global contexts. This is achieved through the provision of information and financial assistance to the university community for a wide range of research and international programs. The department aims at strengthening Babcock University’s research activities and links with society by providing a variety of international opportunities for academic and administrative staff, as well as students.


  • Promote international collaborations (2011-2020)


  1. Seek and establish mutually benefiting international bilateral cooperation for Babcock University
  2. Promote international cooperation with external agencies
  • Seek Research opportunities for the attainment of high professional skills (2011-2020). Visit our Research News Brief


  1. Set up a Babcock University partnership funding/research matching grant scheme to promote innovative research and to encourage individuals to seek personal funding for research
  2. Develop and submit grant proposal for external funding to governmental and private sources for funding
  3. Increase fundraising activities through organized campaign to attract more private donation, gifts and endowments
  • Institute research incentives & awards (2012/2013)


  1. Establish research mentoring across disciplines
  2. Organize regular local, national, and international workshops and conferences
  3. Develop research policies and structure for Babcock University
  4. Design and promote fund generating research projects and contracts
  5. Develop and facilitate bilateral relationship and international cooperation between Babcock University and overseas Institutions
  6. Conduct an International Confab and workshop on GIS - Feb 2011
  7. Partner with leading and top industry providers in GIS technology in Nigeria and overseas for the delivery of a first class GIS program- The California, Abuja, Lagos, & BU Rapport
  8. Design and develop a curriculum in GIS - Post Int’l conference on GIS - Aug 2011
  9. Accreditation of GIS curriculum and instructional facilities - Sept - March 2012
  10. Offer a robust Postgraduate program in GIS - August 2012
  11. Establish an Undergraduate program in GIS, the first by any Nigerian University at UG level and indeed Africa-Aug 2011 - August 2012
  12. Construct a standard reference GIS lab - Jan - July 2012
  13. Engage in GIS based R & D projects, Grant Proposal and consulting services - 2013 - 2020
  14. Research, Curriculum design and Diploma/Degree offering Traditional Herbal Medicine in collaboration with School of Science and Technology and College of Medicine – 2011- 2013
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