Academic Planning

Dr. Ruth Aderanti

Meet the Staff

Onyinyechi Olusoji Ayo

The Academic Planning Department serves as the heart beat of academic quality at Babcock University. The department ensures high academic standards through the standardization of the academic bulletin, provision of a balanced staff mix and student ratio, proper accreditation procedures, and ensures enforcement of policies for quality teaching and learning.


  • Maintain excellence in academic delivery (2011-2020)


1. Ensure unified class schedules

2. Ensure unified examination schedule

3. Ensure strict compliance with BU academic calendar

5. Re-organize and strengthen summer school

6. Ensure compliance with the procedures and guidelines for the establishment of new programs

7. Measure and ensure compliance with institutional standards on quality in scholarship standards and administration

8. Review of BU Academic Brief Document - 2011

9. Prepare the University Annual Bulletin of Statistics -2011-2020

  • Ensure strict compliance with accrediting bodies’ requirements (2011-2020)


1. Ensure compliance with NUC’s minimum academic standards and norms, and university’s senate stipulated academic requirements

2. Ensure compliance with stipulated academic requirements of other accrediting bodies such as AAA, IBE, ICAN, NMCN, etc

3. Anchor academic and professional accreditation evaluation visits (NUC, AAA, and IBE etc)

  • Work with the administration on academic matters with respect to quality and effectiveness (2011-2020)


1. Participate in University Curriculum Reviews, as well as ensure university’s compliance with the procedures and guidelines for the establishment of new programs

2. Initiate and develop evaluation documents for teaching and learning, and ensure the contribution, collation, analysis of same to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the university

3. Advice administration from time to time on new developments in academic policies by government and its agencies. This is aimed at giving proper guidance to administration on policy formulation.

4. Ensure exceptional quality levels in all academic areas, such as curriculum planning, instruction and delivery of content, testing and evaluation, as well as administrative unit processes and services

5. Have all aspects of the institution’s quality management certified according to international standards

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Director: Dr. Ruth Aderanti
Tel: 08067208471