Prof. Clara Okoro

Babcock University Library has evolved through the years from 1959 as Adekunle Alalade Library serving as a College, Seminary and now as Laz Otti Memorial Library. The library is centrally located with the aim of providing easy access to information resources. The library supports the University’s educational programmes through a broad spectrum selection, collection, organization, preservation, conservation, and provision of access to information resources through retrieval tools and appropriate information services for transforming lives and impacting society positively.

A top rank provider of research, instructional and informational materials in a user-friendly environment encapsulated with missionary zeal, infectious competence, and focused on integration of faith and learning (IFL).


An academic library is like a growing organism and so also is the collection and user population. Laz Otti Memorial Library (LOML) contains approximately 67,519 volumes spread through all the disciplines. The Technical Services Department which is the backbone of the entire library and located on the ground floor is ever busy with the processing of newly acquired information materials before they are sent to the shelves. It also lists new arrivals and displays them briefly to sensitize users of their availability.

Apart from the ultra modern purpose-built Laz Otti Memorial Library (LOML), there are six (6) branch libraries located within the host schools, departments and college. The Law Library at Iperu Campus is internet driven with high quality stock including Law Reports, Law Reviews, Judgements of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and both current and back issues of Law journals.

The Medical Library, the youngest of them all is situated on the second floor of the commodious Administrative block of the Babcock University Teaching Hospital (BUTH).

Aside a robust and well represented book holdings, the library subscribes to over 420 Journal titles (both foreign and local) making a total of 6,073 volumes.

In addition, there are:

Daily Newspapers (6 Titles)
Bound Periodicals 580
Documents and Theses 5550

Several electronic resources which are accessible through the On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) are available. Loan services, inter-library cooperation and fact finding tools are also on ground to aid users in their quest for information.

The Library employs the Library of Congress (LC) classification Scheme. Library materials are accessed through an open shelf system where users can get the books they need and scan through other related materials in the stack. Theses and Dissertation Abstracts are available through the OPAC.

Planning for research and educational programmes of the University is an integral part of sustainable library service. Teaching, learning, research and community services are offered to the clientele, including research students from outside of the university community. The Ellen G. White Resource Centre in collaboration with the University library provides quality literature to impact on Christian education with a focus on integration of faith and learning (IFL). This is to ensure that the Adventist heritage is not lost. Reference materials like encyclopedias, directories, year books and manuals are extensively consulted for research purposes.

The circulation desk is the first port of call into the library. Upon registration, users are issued with borrowing tickets to enable them loan books for specified periods according to the status of the user as follows:

Undergraduates 2 books for 2 weeks
Postgraduates 4 books for 2 weeks
Faculty and Staff 4 and 2 books for 4 and 2 weeks respectively

Provision is made for renewal at the instance of the patron. However, information materials on heavy demand are placed on reserve if there are few copies of them. This is to ensure that the material circulates. Any loss of borrower’s ticket should be reported to the Readers’ Services Librarian immediately.

Reprographic and Printing services are available to forestall mutilation or outright theft of information materials.

Laz Otti Memorial Library subscribes to a host of electronic resources/databases and provides facilities to access them. The Library’s internet service is superb with over 100 computers connected to the library’s server manned by the Systems Administrator. Some of the e-journals and books are EBSCOHOST, AGORA, DOAJ, AJOL, HINARI, LEXIS NEXIS, HEIN ONLINE, MEDLINE COMPLETE and Nigerian Virtual Library to mention just a few. Internet search is free for all registered staff, students and community users. Access to library resources outside of the library, is provided through the use of passwords. The ICT department also monitors and enforces access to authorized sites using proxy servers.

The multimedia division contains electronic resources like CD-ROMs, DVDs, audio-visual materials, slides, filmstrips and the apparatuses for operating them.

This unit undertakes in-house rehabilitation of torn or worn out books. To ensure their longevity, alternative hard covers are provided for books whose original covers and bindings are torn. This service is also extended to students and other members of the university community (including outsiders) for a fee.

In this unit are special collections like newspapers, magazines, professional journals, periodicals, and conference proceedings. The serial collection is invaluable for research as it provides current information which may be obsolete by the time it is printed as a book. Back issues are of retrospective value to a researcher and are provided on request by the serials librarian. Newspapers are indexed in this unit and filed in a cabinet in alphabetical sequence for easy retrieval. All newspapers are to be read at the comfortable space provided with a centre table and settees. They are not to be removed from there.

Sunday 12.00 noon - 9.00pm
Monday – Thursday 8.30am - 9.00pm
Friday 8.30am – 1.00pm

A librarian is usually placed on call to cover afternoon shifts and weekend duties.

The library does not open except by special request.


Prof. Clara C. Okoro - University Librarian
Tel: 08058299015


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