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The Facilities Management Department of Babcock University is all about providing a conducive, work friendly environment through qualitative services in the operation and maintenance of University facilities and infrastructures. We are geared towards achieving an enabling environment that will allow the University to fulfil its objectives. An environment where the infrastructure is not only user friendly but also pleasing to the eye.

Hence, the department is set up to implement programs, policies and procedures relating to the maintenance, repairs and management of the University’s facilities. The department is also involved in the rent administration of off-campus employee accommodation, as well as providing support in the development and execution of elements of the Campus Master Plan.

This guide will give you a quick tour of our organisational set-up as well as the services we provide. We look forward to serving you and we are open to any suggestions you may have to improve our services.

Contact Us through our Administrative Office
The Department has an Administrative office which can handle customer request information, process job request forms and route them to the appropriate area as soon as possible. Use these job request forms for non-emergency maintenance requests.

Examples of true emergencies are:

  • Gushing un-controllable water
  • Sparking from any power outlet
  • No power supply to an entire building or floor during no general outage
  • A burning odour

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Services provided by the Facilities Management Department

The Department discharges its responsibilities and provides services under six units:

The University is connected to the national electric power grid through a dedicated power line that was constructed in 2008. The operation and maintenance of this power line, from the high tension network to the domestic power system is the responsibility of the Electrical unit, which is staffed by 3 electrical engineers and 17 electricians.

The mechanical unit is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the generating plants, air-conditioner units and metal works. To keep the activities of the University running smoothly, with minimum interruption, power supply is backed up with a generating plant capacity of over 7MVA in the two campuses and this is being operated and maintained by a team of engineers and technicians

Water and Sewage
The responsibility of the water and sewage unit is to Operate and maintain the water supply network/sewage system of the University. Water supply in both the main and mini campuses is solely through boreholes. In the main campus there are presently eighteen 3-phase boreholes being run directly by the department. In Iperu campus there are 3. The water distribution system is made up of elevated tanks, surface and underground tanks with a PVC reticulation that supplies water through gravity to the various buildings.

The primary aim of the Civil unit is to preserve a building in its initial state by carrying out necessary and consistent repair work in order to effectively serve its desired purpose. This they carry out by rebuilding/repairing walls, floors, drainages, tiling etc., and of course, re-painting.

This unit repairs, fabricates, and carries out installation on any wooden infrastructure in the University. The Unit also has a commercial arm that handles carpentry requests.

Estate Unit
This is the Unit that serves as the caretaker for the University facilities. It coordinates the maintenance works being handled by the department and also handles issues dealing with housing, rent administration and property evaluation.

For more Information, please contact:

The Director
Oyinloye Abidemi:
Tel: 07064069996
Email: oyinloyeaa@babcock.edu.ng

Estate Manager
Omolabi Akintayo:
Tel: 08062270872

Administrative Officer
Mr. David Atejioye
Tel: 08063354205
Email: atejioyed@babcock.edu.ng

Office of Facilities Management
Babcock University,
Ilishan, Nigeria.