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Dear Student, While thanking God for a fulfilling semester please note the following reminders:

A. Prohibition of Lycra, Bodicon and Condom like materials.

B. Prohibition of Pencil Trousers, Face caps.

C. Prohibition of Bizarre haircut, Bushy/long hair styles, Bushy beards,
    uncombed natural hair

D. Tattoo is discountenanced henceforth at Babcock University.

Dear Students,

We give glory to God for making us to see the end of another school year.  Having survived each day that comes with its different kinds of challenges, we counsel that you be wise in making your choices, and let each day that passes by leave you wiser and stronger than before.  Do not let Satan deform, deface, disgrace and destroy you.  Stay close to God, for it is God alone that can help you to escape Satan’s sophistry and make you to experience victory in your day to day living. 

Also, do not jettison Babcock University values as spelt out in the Student Handbook.  They are meant for your social, spiritual, mental, physical and moral welfare and development.  They are meant to make you a person of value, honor and distinction in a society that is collapsing morally.  If you continue to practice them through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, they become part of you. 

As they become your way of life, it will not be burdensome for you to be a member of the Babcock community as you return for the next academic session.  This is because the University authority which is highly mindful of your welfare and holistic development will strictly and lovingly uphold Babcock University standard as indicated and depicted in the Student Handbook.  Let this inform you in your preparation for summer or next academic session on kind of person you should be and what to bring.  Through the grace of God, the University standard will not be compromised.

We wish you blessed and victorious holiday.



  • Neal Wilson Hall           (premium)
  • Bethel Splendor Hall    (classic)


  • Crystal Hall                (premium)
  • Queen Esther Hall    (classic)

Please note that Queen Esther hall will no longer be available for 200 and 300 level students. in it’s place Platinum hall would be available for them.

Due to some visible hazards (near fire outbreaks in the rooms) observed by the University administration, the university has decided that henceforth:

  • Cooking is disallowed in the halls of residence as stated in the Student handbook
  • Indomie(Raw and cooked)  will no longer be allowed in the halls of residence
  •  Food from home must be brought only in plastic containers
  • ONLY Table top sized refrigerators will be allowed in the halls of residence
  • Off campus forms will be available for filling online from August 01- August 27 2016 (CLICK THIS LINK TO FILL THE FORM)
  • Henceforth, extra year Students will no longer be granted permission to stay off Campus

Thank you

Vice President Student Development