Email Log-in thru Web Browser (Zimbra Web Client)

To access your email, start a web browser, open the following address:
Please note the letter "s" in https (URL address above);  http will not work.
Your web browser might give you warning about the security certificate.
This is because the certificate is self signed. To be able to login, you should click:

"Continue to this website" (MS Internet Explorer) or
"I understand the risk", "Add exception", "Confirm security exception" (Mozilla Firefox),


Once you pass through the security exception, you will see the following screen (below).
Type your username and password, and choose version (default or mobile - see below)
Then click "Login"
username = email address


To login from a mobile device (limited screen size) that has internet connection: select: mobile version (see screenshot below)

Mobile Login

For security reasons, if this is your first time to login, you will be asked to change the password to your own password.
(See change password for more details)

When login is successful, one of the screens below will open.

Default Inbox Page


Mobile Inbox Page

Mobile Inbox